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Introducing Piggy Dolls

While America is busy flooding the music scene with messages of self-empowerment and gimmicks galore, Korea have completely taken it up a notch with the launch of their latest girl group, Piggy Dolls.

In a nutshell: They’re fat and talented. The trio have been causing headlines everywhere since debuting last week with their first single “Trend” — a stellar slice of high-energy techno-pop about being confident in your own skin, accompanied by a somewhat controversial music video.

The Weather Girls had a similar ‘fat’ image when they debuted in the 80s, but it wasn’t quite as degrading and exploitative as what the Piggy Dolls are doing. First off, there’s the humiliating name of the group itself, not to mention that their first interview had them talking about how much food they eat. To rub it in even further, their “Trend” music video opens with the girls digging into a huge, greasy slice of pizza. Plus, two of the members aren’t even large at all, and seem to be dressed in clothes that make them appear larger than they actually are.

But then there’s the other side of the coin: After the pizza scene, the “Trend” music video shows the Piggy Dolls watching footage of real life overweight school girls opening up about being bullied for the way they look, to which the Piggy Dolls respond by launching into their new single — which is genuinely empowering with a real positive message. “My body? So what?,” they sing. “My face is unique, I’m sexy, I’m looking good. Look at it on the stage, check me out, we are trend.”

However, the real sign that Piggy Dolls are more than just a gimmick came on Friday when they made their live performance debut on Music Bank. Not only did the trio have more confidence than Sasha Fierce herself, but they can seriously sing – and their voices aren’t simply just strong, they also have some real emotional range and character to their vocals. For three-and-a-half minutes on Music Core the Dolls belted out and performed more choreography than girls 1/3 their size do, without ever showing even a shred of insecurity or self-doubt. It’s also possible to argue the true meaning of their name, which comes across as degrading at first, but could also be looked at as the group taking something with a negative connotation, and turning it into something positive and empowering.

If that’s not setting a good example for young girls, then I don’t know what is.

Despite some questionable promotional methods that have been used to launch Piggy Dolls, the simple fact of the matter is that they’re too talented and their music is too good to label them as just a gimmick.

Simply put: Piggy Dolls ROCK.

Check out their music video “Trend” (with English subtitles) below, as well as their show-stopping debut performance on Music Bank. I can definitely think of a few popstars who could get a lesson in talent from these girls.


source: theprohphetblog

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