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Piggy Dolls drop 20 kg each for their comeback

Piggy Dolls, the girl group trio that debuted in January with their first EP, “Piggy Style“, have announced that they’ll be making a comeback later this month!

At the time of their debut, the girls earned more headlines for their  weight instead of their outstanding vocal talents. Together, they had  weighed a total of 230 kg, with 20-year-old unnis Kim Min Sun and Lee Jiyeon weighing in at 90 kg and 70 kg respectively, and 17-year-old maknae Park Ji Eun at 70 kg.

After shedding tears over their body image and the inability to  perform to their heart’s content because of their weight, the girls will  be making a comeback with a slimmer image; reportedly, they lost 20 kg  each. Late night practice sessions have been revealed to be the cause of  the dramatic weight loss.

The girls debuted with the hopes of giving other overweight people  the confidence to stand out, so this weight loss has actually put the  company in quite the predicament.

A representative said, “They lost weight naturally in the past  few months while preparing for their comeback. We’re careful and worried  in case people suspect the girls of purposely dieting.”

Stay tuned for more updates, as they’ll be making their comeback with a new image on July 21st!

cr; allkpop

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