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Piggy Dolls reveal that they’re being pressured to lose weight [April 9 2011]

On April 9th, Piggy Dolls guested on SBS’s “Star King” and shed tears over the pressure to lose weight.

Kim Min Sun (21), who weighs 90kg, began, “My  mother runs a small restaurant, and my father runs a Chinese take-out.  I  was born with the love of eating, which is how I got my current  ‘U-line.’“  She went on to reveal that the group’s combined weight totaled to 232kg, with Lee Ji Yeon (21) weighing at 72kg, and maknae Park Ji Eun (18) at 70kg.

Park Ji Eun continued, “When we first auditioned, there were  three conditions.  First, we had to be talented vocally.  We also could  not have had any plastic surgery done, and we had to weigh over 70kg.”

Unfortunately, due to the flop of their debut album, the conditions have changed drastically, as she went on to reveal, “Before,  we’d say that we just ate and our CEO would still order us something to  eat, but after our first album flopped, he said that the fat concept  won’t work anymore.  He’s trying to change our image now by making us  lose weight, but we don’t want to.”

When asked by MC Kang Ho Dong whether they had any intentions of reaching a compromise with their agency, Kim Min Sun replied, “We, of course, thought about it.  But let’s say that we lose weight and get plastic surgery.  That doesn’t mean we can become SNSD.  Kang Ho Dong is overweight, but also became the best MC.  Why can’t overweight people achieve their dreams?”

She continued, “The pain of being told to leave the room at  auditions even before I opened my mouth to sing is still left in my  heart.  I want people that are overweight to not be so self-conscious  and to be able to leave their house without shame.  We want to become  hope to them.

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