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[NEWS 110807] Piggy Dolls lose 52kg of weight, meal costs fell from 3Million Won to 1Million

Rough translation ahead!

They stand out by making a dramatic comeback. The names of the trio who knew how to bloom even when they still were heavy-dolls (Kim Minsun, 21, Lee Jiyeon 20 and Park Jieun 17) lost a whopping 52kg together, coming back with their new song ‘Know her’. The sum of their weight decreased from 232kg to 180kg together. “Four memebers were reduced to three” they joke. With “My body is different, but my face is unique” the Piggy Dolls won the support of women’s heavyweights. What made them start a severe diet though? A change of mind, I wonder why.

– How much have the members lost?

“I dropped most of the weight. I lost 25kg, while Jiyeon and Jieun lost 13 and 14kg. It really seems as if we have reduced the group by one member. It always felt tight when you sat in the car seat and now you can feel the empty space. Compared to other girlgroups we’re still fat though” (Kim Minsun)

– I wonder why you started the diet so suddenly.

“In March a diet company approached our management company and had a serious meeting with our president. You feel less healthy like that and overweight people get high blood pressure or diabetes and you shouldn’t take the risk. If you diet on your own it’s lonely. We liked the idea of the members dieting together. Even our president lost 18kg.” (Lee Jiyeon)

– A lot of overweight women cheered on the Piggy Dolls and now feel betrayed.

“Haha we still don’t look good enough for them to feel betrayed. In tight clothes we are still overweight compared to other girlgroups. We lost more weight than expected though. Instead of feeling betrayed you might think: If the Piggy Dolls managed to loose weight, I guess I can too! What serves as evidence is: A healthy weight through diet instead of using more of your money for food.” (Park Jieun)

– How hard this must have been. It sounds harsh.

“It was hard enough for the three of us. Having supper was the first thing we had to stop having. We used to practice almost every day and while recording we blindly had chicken, ham hocks and sweets. Once we cut our old supper we saw the weight fall. Whenever we had time we exercised and took care of three balanced meals for our det. We started with apples and cereal in the morning, lunch and eating only half of our dinner. Then our weight gradually started to fall.” (Lee Jiyeon)

– I heard you reduced a lot of your snacks and meals.

“Our manager used to spend 2 till 3 Million (2000-3000Us$) won on two meals a day, a whole months of us, but the amount reduced to around 1.5 million won now. He always said he knew that we’d eat a whole mountain.” (Park Jieun)

– What the thing that changed besides the amount of money spent on food?

“Haha Minsun unni’s interest in fashion increased. She wore a miniskirt lately that had used to be mine. When you’re fat wearing such clothes equals: just don’t look.” (Park Jieun)

“My parents love to say: After elementary school you never had a good body. And now three months after starting the diet, I went home and my father didn’t even recognize me anymore. I had this diet and then started to have clothes from Dongdaemun because recently I found a really good store. I like it because it did have the right sized clothes. I was shopping for plus sized clothes and then saw free sized clothes. Even my shoes were plus sized. They went from 245mm to 235mm and I dropped 10 inches around my waist. Not only clothes fit better but shoes fit really nicely now too.” (Kim Minsun)

– Going on stage after losing weight, how was the reaction?

“We went on our first broadcast, and when rehearsing the FD was looking for us. He continued looking for us until we made ourselves noticeable just to have him hand us the microphones with surprise. We don’t know what the audience thought but they gave us a loud cheer.” (Park Jieun)

– With loosing so much weight, wasn’t it harder to sing?

“Singing isn’t only about having a big body for resonance. While exercising we trained our abs too with love and endurance. Our lung capacities stayed the same which is important. (Kim Minsun)

– You’re getting more attention now for changing your figures. Not for your music.

“We feel really good about our first album. Raggae sound along with some fresh beats were mixed for our title song ‘Know her’. We put 10 songs onto album, each of them meaningful and significant. I know that at first everyone is interested in appearance, but then it changes to listening to the music instead, so please look into it. Our weight loss is getting a lot more attention than our musical work. After having lost weight we will represent the Piggy Dolls with our music from now on.” (Lee Jiyeon)

cr; nate.com /joongang.co.kr

trans; google + dollypiglet


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