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[Twitter] Minsun takes a picture of Jiyeon

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The girls also had their Music Bank rehearsal 5hrs ago.

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[Information] When Spring Come…

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In 2009, Lee Jiyeon was featured on a compilation cd by BNOmnibus (BN옴니버스) with a song called “My Confession”.

Sadly I haven’t found the song pretty much anywhere besides on Korean music portal sites. If anyone has it or knows how to get it or whatever, please contact me! All I can give you guys for now are the lyrics.

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[NEWS]Piggy Dolls @ MTV The Show!

August 6, 2011 1 comment

Rough translation ahead!

Piggy Dolls spent two days in the studio, in Jung-gu, Seoul,  for MTV Networks Korea Open MTV <The Show (THE SHOW)>. Many hot performances at the public recording!

A program co-produced by MTV and KTH <The Shows>. A variety of popular artists with different themes will decorate the stage each week to represents a new concept music show. Every week a ‘hot singer’ and ‘Super Rookie’, ‘Comeback singer’s debut can be seen in one place to meet the star’s charming points, viewable and to choose from in prepared corners.

While f(x) Luna was tied up with other schedules,  W & Whale, TEEN TOP, Brave Girls, Min Gyeonghun, Girls Day, Hwanhee, N-Train, CSJH Dana & Sunday, Piggy Dolls, HITT, CHI CHI appeared and presented a brilliant show.

cr: Moon Sujin @

trans: google + dollypiglet’s brain and basic korean skills.

More pictures ahead!

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Piggy Dolls have fun shooting pictures for Piggy Style

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From 20th March 2011.

Pictures of Piggy Dolls PIGGY STYLE ERA

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Pictures of Piggy Dolls HAKUNA MATATA ERA

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Piggy Dolls lost weight for a diet advertisement

August 5, 2011 1 comment

Recently, it was revealed that the Piggy Dolls had dropped 20 kg each in time for their “Hakuna Matata” comeback. At the time, the real reason for the weight loss wasn’t revealed, it was only implied that they had lost the weight naturally while preparing for their comeback.

As it turns out, the girls lost a total of 52 kg due to an offer to become models for a sports dieting machine.

Their agency, Winning Insight, explained, “In the beginning of the year, the girls received a modeling offer for the dieting machine and participated, dropping a total of 52 kg. We all decided that it’d be best for them to lose weight in consideration of their health. After three months of intense dieting, Kim Min Sun lost 25 kg, Lee Ji Yeon lost 13 kg, and Park Ji Eun lost 14 kg. Their total weight as a group dropped from 232 kg to 180 kg.”

The members themselves said, “We’ve gone through a lot of changes in our bodies, but our music remains the same. We ask that you continue to give us your love and interest.”

Source + Photos: Joongang via Naver

cr; allkpop

Additional pictures I found on their naver fancafe.  This looks like the dieting machine thing…