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[PICS] Various pictures since 111007

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cr: the girls’s twitters, various cyworlds, naver, nate, etc etc

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[PIC] Jieun Twitter update 111002

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[PIC] Piggy Dolls interview for Kpopulous @ Cafe Ben James

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cr; nate &

[PICS] Candids from a performance

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I would suppose this is from 1 vs 100.


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[PICS&INFO] Candids

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cr; nate & cyworld

Also the girls are supposed to be on one of the next Episodes of Arirang’s Pops in Seoul in a special corner. Gonna try to find the video once it’s anywhere online!
Yes I live but I am dead meat. Sorry for the late update. I had these pictures by last night but university calls~

[PIC] Jiyeon Twitter 110927 & Candid

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

The girls took place in a recording for the KBS Quiz Show “1vs100”.


The airing date is unknown since the website does not provide any schedule about who is next on the show and I also have no idea for what reason the girls went there.

[PIC] Jiyeon Twitter update 110925

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Totally cute >.<

[PIC] Twitter Update Jiyeon 110922

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[PIC & INFO] Twitter updates 110921

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“언니에 대한 나의 애정의 표시얌”

Rough Trans:
“How I show my affection for my unni.”
by Jieun.

The girls recorded Jung Jichan’s WITH YOU today and met Alex of Clazziquai there.

cr; Jieun’s & Jiyeon’s twitter

[PICS] Jiyeon picture update, Jieun new profile picture 110919

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