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[Information] Minsun, SuperstarK & Mongsili Sisters

In the first season of Mnet’s Superstar K which aired from 24th July till 9th October 2009, Kim Minsun was seen the first time on TV. She convinced the judges with her strong singing, lovely attitude and strong ambition and power, even when asked to dance.
Here is her auditioning video:

Sadly she didn’t make it into the TOP 8.

But along with two other girl with rubenesque figures Winning Inside Ent formed the 몽실이시스터즈. They were set to debut officially on December 4th 2009.
The other two girls were: Jang Jinah and Seomi Jung. After their official debut on 4th Decemeber. After their debut they were invited to a rice dinner by one of the former judges of Superstar K they had met on the show, since she had mostly been the one to entitle the girls like that.

Mnet even documented their first steps with a camera, coming to ask what the girls would like to change upon debut. Obviously Minsun wanted Taeyeon’s (SNSD) hair from the Genie MV.

On 30th November 2009 the trio released their teaser for their first digital single called “Lover” for their CD “Dreamin.G”.

After this the girl released two more singles, the last on on 29th June 2010. You can listen to their songs here: (1, 2, 3).

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